Deal Or No Deal Slot – Review & Guide for Players

Deal Or No Deal Slot – Review & Guide for Players

Deal Or No Deal slot by Endemol has five reels and twenty paylines. Deal Or No Deal slot has a realistic cartoon style that works to portray the real life game show that goes by the same name. In the game show, which originated in as the Dutch show called “Hunt for Millions,” contestants try and figure out which of twenty six boxes they are presented with have a certain amount of money in them.

The player then has to pick a box, and once that box is opened, the amount of money is no longer available for the player to win. That means that it is taken off the board. After a certain number of boxes have been opened, a man called “the banker” calls the contestant to offer them sums of money.

In order to take the sum of money offered, the contestant must give up on trying to find a potentially larger sum still available in the boxes. They can either tell the banker “deal” or “no deal”. This is how the game got its name.

The background of this slot mimics the set on which the real life show is produced. The player can see the stage highlighted in neon blue lights as well as a bright cityscape in the background.

The floor is glassy and reflects the scene behind it. At the top of the slot, the player can see safe one, safe two and safe three.

The name of the slot is located in the top left corner and appears as it does on the game show. To the left and right of the slot are the paylines. These paylines are highlighted in different coloured boxes. At the bottom of the slot the player is presented with some additional information as well as the option to make some adjustments to their game just like players of legal sports betting will be accustomed to.

They can adjust their lines and bet per line. They are also shown their total stake and how much they have been paid. Along with this is a max bet button and a spin button.

Bonus Feature For Bigger Wins

Bonus features for this game include a jackpot bonus. In the jackpot bonus game, the player picks from the briefcases that are on the screen. After every six guesses, the banker will offer the player a cash amount. If the player takes the cash the bonus game is over.

If the player makes it all the way to the end without accepting any banker offers, they are left to choose between the lucky case and whichever case they haven’t picked. This reward for this game can be the progressive jackpot. To activate this game, the player must get between three and five scatter symbols on the reel.

Slot Symbols to Keep in Mind When Playing

The symbols in this slot mirror things the player might see in the game show as well as some traditional slot symbols. These traditional slot symbols include a jack, queen, king, and ace. Other symbols include the big red button, the wall with prize money on it, a symbol that looks like the studio, the show contestants, the banker and silver and gold briefcases.

The scatter symbol for this game is the phone and the wild is the Deal or No Deal symbol.