Find out More Exclusive Details about Grosvenor Casinos

Find out More Exclusive Details about Grosvenor Casinos

Details about Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos, formerly known as County Clubs and Grosvenor Clubs, was established in the year 1970, and is made up of a chain of 55 casinos based in the United Kingdom that extend across various major cities and towns in this island nation, alongside two unbranded sister establishments that are located in Belgium. The Rank Group owns Grosvenor Casinos, and this company operates solely in the bingo; online gaming and casino industries extending across Spain; Belgium; Scotland; England and Wales.

This company’s revenue was reported at just under £400 million in June of 2014, and this amount had been generated by slightly more than 1.8 million customers over the year preceding. The network for these casinos employs more than 6 000 people across the United Kingdom, and over 250 games are available for play at their online casino. These options include traditional poker; blackjack and roulette games as well as the more modern slot machine games that are so popular with online players these days, and there are live gaming opportunities for those who prefer them as well. They are fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission for the UK.

The Entertainment that Grosvenor Casinos Provide

The first-class online casino entertainment that Grosvenor Casinos provides, offers players the very highest quality interactive entertainment and a good variety of online real money games like poker; roulette; virtual sporting events; blackjack and slots (some similar to iPad pokies AU). The group has over 40 years’ experience, and has long retained the title of one of the most popular casino game providers in all of the United Kingdom.

They have relied on the fact that they strive to provide the same quality service to customers of all stake and game preferences, and are able to guarantee fair and honest play for anyone who spends some time with them. There are a variety of bonuses to be enjoyed by players as well, without the mention of jackpots that exceed a million pounds in value.

Grosvenor Casino Gambling

Players are guaranteed to be kept safe and their information is kept totally private at all times by Grosvenor Casinos. They extend the promise that under no circumstances will one iota of data or personal info be shared, and accounts are kept out of reach of prying eyes by state of the art security technology. PayPal; Visa MasterCard; Maestro; NeTeller and Skrill are all accepted methods of payments.

Live Events at Grosvenor Casinos

In March of 2011, Grosvenor Casinos publicised that they had begun to host a brand-new poker event named The Goliath. This was intended to attract as many as 1 500 players, and had a buy-in of £100 plus £20, with an assured prize pool of £100 000. Further, 25% of the total amount of registration fees gathered would be awarded to the Marie Cure Cancer Care charity in order to pay it forward. The 2014 Goliath event became the single largest poker tournament ever to be held outside the United States of America thanks to the fact that more than 3 000 players ended up entering.