Explaining Online European Roulette for Real Money Players

Explaining Online European Roulette for Real Money Players

Players can jump into online European Roulette, by Amaya, and get all the excitement of the real world casino game right on their mobile phone, tablet or home computer. The online version has been created for a feel of professionalism, including realistic graphics, a voice narrator, and an easy and intuitive interface. This game can be played for free, using virtual currency, or for real, as the player prefers. The game has also been optimised to be played on a mobile device, using a touch screen, but may also be accessed via popular browsers using the Flash software plug in.

Rules of European Roulette

The game of roulette is widely known, using a spinning wheel that is divided into numbered, coloured pockets. The player must place bets on which pocket the ball will land in, and may wager on the specific number, if the pocket will be red or black, or other more advanced bets. This being the European version of roulette, there is only one zero pocket, as you might have observed also at the casinos listed with rating. The zero pocket may be bet on specifically, but is not included in the other available bets.

Advanced Betting Options

In European https://gamblingonline.net.nz/games/roulette/, the player may also bet on the first, second, or third twelve numbers, the first eighteen numbers, second eighteen numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, and more. These rules are generally self explanatory, and may be selected by touching them on the betting table. The game has been designed to be intuitive, and in order to get a better idea of a bet, simply hold on a betting option. You may also see payout odds of a bet in the same fashion. Tap a betting option once to place a bet. The amount placed per tap may be changed in the bottom right. Remember, once the voice calls no more bets you may not change your bet. For a more detailed explanation of payout odds, simply hold on the display that reads table limits and payouts.

European Roulette – User Interface

Besides tapping betting options to place bets, a few other buttons are present on the game’s interface. Note the new game button, that will appear when a round is finished, and the change view option at the bottom right. The game’s view, by default, has been designed for easy reference of how the game is developing. The switch views button, however, will give a more realistic view, as if a player was sitting at the table, but at the cost of easily seen information. The player may change this as they prefer.

Creating an Account

If the player wishes to play the game for real money, they must be logged in to an active account, and have funds available. To create an account, please have your name, email address, physical address, and telephone number ready. Once the account has been created, you may link your bank account quickly and easily. If you require help making your account, or have further questions about this game, please contact the customer support centre of the casino you’ve chosen to play at.