Cash Inferno Online Video Slots Overview for Beginners

Cash Inferno Online Video Slots Overview for Beginners

Cash Inferno is a video slots game designed and developed by Canadian gaming giants Amaya Gaming. The game focuses on a fire emergency theme, and incorporates various related elements as well as an animated dog called Sparky. The game operates on a simple setup and only offers players five reels with nine pay lines to play on, but it includes numerous bonus features for added gaming pleasure.

The Cash Inferno Game Theme

The theme of Amaya Gaming’s Cash Inferno video slots game is based on the central theme of a fire emergency, and all the main symbols of the game are related to this theme. Some of these symbols include a burning match, a fire hose, a fire hydrant, a fire extinguisher, and a red flashing emergency truck light, and various Dalmatian dogs. The one Dalmatian dog, Sparky, is also a symbol of the game and operates as the wild symbol.

The symbols all come with their own highest payouts if all five symbols are landed. The fire siren is the lowest paying symbol, with a maximum payout of fifty times the original bet. The fire hose has a payout of one hundred times, the fire hydrant a payout of one hundred and fifty times, the match a payout of two hundred times, and the fire extinguisher a payout of two hundred and fifty times. The Dalmatians offer the highest payouts, with the sitting Dalmatian paying out five hundred times the bet, the running Dalmatian one thousand times the bet, and Sparky the wild Dalmatian two thousand five hundred times the original bet.

The Sparky Wild Symbol

Sparky the dog operates as the wild symbol of the Amaya Gaming Cash Inferno casino video slots game. This Sparky wild symbol may be used to substitute any of the other Dalmatian dog symbols, and thereby help players complete winning pay lines, make up the best possible winning combinations, and achieve the highest payouts. While this does not make this wild symbol as versatile as other wild symbols in other games, the Sparky wild symbol does also come with its own payouts. Landing any number of Sparky wild symbols between one and five will reward players with a multiplier payout of between two to two thousand and fifty times.

The Fireman’s Hat Bonus Symbols

The Cash Inferno video slots game offers three different types of fireman’s hat symbols. These include a red hard hat, a captain’s hat, and a standard baseball cap. These three hats operate as the game’s bonus symbols.

In order to activate the game’s bonus feature, players will need to land three of the same symbol on an active play line. Any number of three, four, or five hats will trigger the feature, with an accompanying one time, two time, or three time multiplier, depending on how many hats were landed.

In the Cash Inferno bonus round, players will be taken to a separate screen, where they will be presented with a certain number of windows. Here they will have to click on the windows, collecting multipliers as they go along. Once players hit the window that displays the ‘finish’ message, the bonus round will come to an end and players will return to the base game. If they happen to click on the window displaying the ‘finish’ message on their very first click in the bonus round, then the players will win all of the prizes available in the bonus round.