Formula 1 Betting Guide Explained

Formula 1 Betting Guide Explained

Formula 1 is the king of motorsport with high entertainment value for an avid fan base, it only makes sense to bet on a sport you enjoy. Pitting not only drivers but manufacturers head-to-head, its apparent why Formula 1 has become the most bet on motorsport and high on the list when it comes to other sports. Below is a quick guide to get you started betting on your favourite sport, F1.

Types of Bets

While F1 does not have the sheer number of betting options available in some other sports. Australian betting options are still very much present and favourable to us as bettors. If you keep up with the drivers, teams and previous races, F1 is likely the most consistent sport to bet on, making it a fantastic option for any fan of the sport. Below are the most common types of bets used in F1.

  • To-Win – This is about as straightforward as betting comes. Place your wager on which driver you think will win a particular race. This is a great bet when compared to winning bets in other sports. With the consistency of F1, bets will offer much better odds for drivers who are just off pace of the lead. This all means that if you bet on any driver who is not currently at the top of the roster, the odds will usually be fantastic while the driver still has a realistic chance of winning the race.
  • Long-Term – similar to to-win bets, only that in long-term. You will be betting on which driver or team will win the entire season. These bets will remain open until the season almost closes, albeit with fluctuating odds.
  • Podium finish – Similar to to-win bets only here you will be betting on which drivers will make a podium finish. Podium in F1 refers to position 1, 2 and 3. While not always having payout as good as to-win bets, the odds of winning a podium finish bet are dramatically better.
  • Driver match up – a bet where you ignore the rest of the field and only bet on two drivers. If the drivers you bet on places higher than the other driver in your wager, you win. While the payouts aren’t always great, this is likely the most assured bet you can place in F1 betting.
  • Pole position – Similar to the to win bets but only in qualifying, you are betting on one driver to make the best qualifying time and place in pole position or starting the race in first position of the pack. This can often be better than to-win as it cuts out the possibility of drivers being held up by other drivers. Its simple, the fastest individual lap time wins.

Time To Bet

Like all sports betting, Knowledge is key. Watch the races and learn the drivers, teams and tracks to better your chances of winning. F1 is one of the most exciting sports, simply watch the racing and the betting will come naturally.