Napoleon and Josephine Online Slots with WMS

Napoleon and Josephine Online Slots with WMS

Napoleon and Josephine slot is a five-reel video slot that has multi-paylines, and it has gone from strength to strength since its online debut. It takes for its theme the iconic French Emperor and the love of his life, Josephine, and it has managed to retain a steady level of popularity since its online release that is quite amazing to behold. Online players keep it on the top of their list of games to enjoy thanks to its large amount of paylines and the whopping 50 free spins up for grabs.

Features on Hand for Napoleon and Josephine

Napoleon and Josephine slot from WMS has a number of excellent features for players to partake of, and these include stacked wild symbols; standard wild icons; scatter symbols; and free spins that arrive in batches of 10; 20 or 50. The free spins are awarded to players as follows: three of the scatter symbols landing on the reels will allow the player to make use of ten free spins, along with special bonus symbols; four scatter symbols landing will allow the player to enjoy 20 free spins and special bonus symbols; and five scatters will grant the player 50 free spins and a special free bonus symbol option to enjoy as well.

Historical Theme for Napoleon and Josephine Slots

History buff will know the figures depicted in WMS’ Napoleon and Josephine real money slots Australia game, thanks to the fact that the former remains one of the most famous figures in French history. He rose up the ranks to establish a long-running dictatorship in France, with his reign lasting for more than ten years, and, when one considers the fact that he started his glittering career as a lowly artillery lieutenant, the continued fascination with his life can be understood.

The hero and part-namesake for Napoleon and Josephine online slots embarked upon a series of military campaigns that resulted in him becoming the ruler of all of France, becoming the head of the French Empire when he went on to establish his regime. While in power he managed to briefly bring Europe to an uneasy peace, but eventually his lust for battle overtook him, and he went on to engage in a succession of wars that expanded his domain, and eventually saw him take control of the vast majority of Western Europe. His eventual defeat was as a result of his famous downfall at the hands of Russia, a country with a scorched-earth policy in hand to undermine invaders that resulted in a humiliating defeat, and a retreat to France that took many lives.

The star of the Napoleon and Josephine slot show was eventually overthrown, and briefly went into exile in Elba before returning to France and commencing the recruitment process for a new army. This freedom was short-lived, however, and he was eventually sent back into exile, this time to the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, where he eventually passed away. His legacy lives on, however, and WMS’ video slot is one of the many ways in which it does.