The Free Online Lotto Games Trend

The Free Online Lotto Games Trend

Casino gambling games, such as slot machines, poker and roulette are regularly provided free to both members and site visitors. These free versions are excellent for practicing, experiencing the atmosphere and nuances of the site before committing and signing up, and sometimes it is possible to turn this free play into winnings. However, the intention here is to play the games for fun, and not expect winnings. This concept is often confused with the idea of free online lotto games. Lotto may be fun to play, but only in the event that there may be major winnings achieved. Lotto is hardly a game to play for pure enjoyment, for it is simply a lucky draw.

The Lotto Phenomenon

Lotteries around the world are legal and enjoy immense popularity. Conservatively worldwide lottery sales currently generate around $97 billion. The United States is in the lead, and Germany is running a close second. The generalities the lotto games are generally the same. Players buy a ticket at a reasonably low price, select an array of numbers and enter the draw.

As can be expected, however, free online lotto games are also available, although this area of the industry has been plagued by fraudulent, unethical and outrageously wicked scams and cheats happening with regard to free online lotto games, winning derived from this, and the notifications thereof. Any lottery players wanting to play lotteries and to bet online should start off by making sure that the selected casino, or lotto site is a trusted, gold standard online gambling or lottery platform. The software and security used on these sites will have been fully approved by the relevant Gaming Control Commissions and online lottery sites licensed in the major jurisdictions that apply.

Free Online Lotto Games

Despite the potential hazards regarding free online lotto games, and the negative aspects related to this practice, the reality is that free lotto is actually available. The proper, ethically sound, free online lotto games sites generate income from the advertising placed on their site, and thereby are able to fund lotto ticket purchases for their members. Players wishing to indulge in free online lotto games play, yet expecting to win copious quantities of money, will need to sign up with the site concerned and be subject to their terms and conditions. These should, of course, be scrutinized very carefully.

Checklist for Free Lotto

A brief outline regarding how to avoid the multitude of scams and fraudulent issues that arise from this overwhelming human urge to get something for nothing.

Honest free online lotto games sites will never charge members, ask them to send in money, or require payment in order to claim a prize. Any players receiving emails or SMS messages claiming to represent the site should know that the authors of such emails are misappropriating the sites’ name and logo in order to scam players. Reputable free online lotto games sites will not be using a free email address under any circumstances but will communicate only via their established email account, and will never request personal or banking information via email.

The next piece of advice regarding the touchy subject of free online lotto games is that unless someone has actually bought a ticket, one cannot have won a prize. There are no such things as ‘email’ draws or address winning lotteries where ‘no tickets were sold’. Unfortunately the residual hope and desire for large volumes of money is so strong that people are prepared to overlook rational thought in the optimistic craving for being given millions of dollars.